Darcy shares her expert leadership knowledge in Chapter One of Leading The Way: Stories of Inspiration and Leadership, a book containing a collection of leadership lessons and inspirational true stories from diverse experts in the field of motivation and leadership, positive psychology, resiliency, change management, and effective communication. Chapters address a variety of dynamic leadership topics that are practical, intentional, and purposeful for impacting positive change and growth in any arena of life.

In We Will Survive, Grammy Winning artist Gloria Gaynor shares forty inspirational, true stories, including Darcy's, about survivors of all kinds who have found comfort, hope, and courage through the power of this one song.  From individuals triumphing over illness to those suffering from the painful loss of a loved one to others piecing their lives together after bearing witness to national tragedy, “I Will Survive” has become an emotional anthem for them and for millions of Gaynor’s adoring fans around the world.

"The Gold Mind:10 Answers for Overcoming the Adversities of Life" - "The Transition Man", Johnny Campbell's, Exclusive Interview with Darcy Keith

CD Live presentation from the Brain Injury Association of Missouri Annual Conference
"5 Tips for Creating a Better Future: For survivors of brain injury"

CD Live presentation from the Brain Injury Association of Missouri Annual Conference
"5 Tips for Creating a Better Future: For medical professionals in their professional and personal lives"

Darcy was invited to contribute her story of surviving and thriving from her brain injuries in Surviving Brain Injury: Stories of Strength and Inspiration.  This book is a collection of stories that were contributed by almost 90 brain injury survivors from across the world - all brought together by an invisible injury that affects so many, yet isn't understood by the majority of people.  These stories offer strength and inspiration to fellow survivors and help others understand the journey they go through (and are often brushed aside because of). By offering understanding, we can create awareness and compassion.

Darcy's Resources to Guide You Through Life

Refined by Fire:Discovering Victory through Adversity includes stories and strategies for winning in life for Christian women.  Darcy has lavished us with her heart stopping testimony and life changing message of triumph, hope, and success.  The sheer reality of stories you will read will refuel, heal, and empower you to pursue greater dimensions of fruitfulness and success in your life. It's encouraging to know that normal women have been able to achieve extraordinary prominence in life in the face of impossible obstacles through the power of God's Word.

Part personal stories, part attitude and part strategy, Women Like Us takes you on a journey of connectedness. In this book, you'll find women, including Darcy, speaking directly to you on issues of health, finance, relationships and perseverance. 

You'll find the stories inspirational and gain strategies helpful for nurturing and creating the quality of life you desire for yourselves, your families and your careers. Why? Because you are Women Like Us.

"Survive and Thrive" live keynote presentation DVD and CD, packaged in an attractive case, are now available!
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Christian Broadcast Personality Emily Roach's Exclusive Interview with the Queen of Survival Darcy Keith: "Faith's Role in Overcoming Adversity"