Darcy L. Keith

The Queen of Survival * Professional Speaker ​​

Chandler Harnish, a former Indianapolis Colts quarterback, found Darcy Keith's "Traffic Education and Decision Making" module of the NFL Rookie Success program incredibly powerful and something that is great for all NFL rookies to hear.

Phyllis Taylor, with the Army National Guard, was working with DFAS in Indianapolis, Indiana, and enjoyed Darcy's message of sharing her keys for success and overcoming life's struggles.

Roger Gelwicks, a member of Hamilton County 4-H Junior Leaders, heard Darcy speak and really got a lot out of her "Survive and Thrive" presentation message on the topic of perseverance.

Eric Bur, VP Sales and Independent Agent Distribution with Permanent General Assurance Company, hired Darcy Keith to speak at a meeting with his national sales representatives and recommends that you contact her, as Darcy gives relevant information that met their needs and impacted their team that they can use in their job everyday.

Wendy Leedy, Former Director of Affiliate Services of the Brain Injury Association of America, had the opportunity to hear Darcy Keith's fabulous presentation on "5 Tips to Create a Better Future" and serves as a reminder that with the hurdles we face, there is no challenge too great for us to overcome.

Indiana Businessowner Tony Burkhart shares how Darcy's presentation to a group of businessowners gave great tips for how their businesses can grow, as well as individually.

Brownsburg High SchoolHealth teacher Pat O'Neal highly recommends Darcy Keith speak  about overcoming adversity, how to put 100% in life, and make a positive influence on others, as she has done for his classes for over 20 years.

Mike Hancock, Secretary of the Kentucky Transportation Department, shares how Darcy's incredible message of trauma and survival impacted him and highly encourages everyone to hear her story.

What others are saying about Darcy: 

Baltimore Ravens Player Engagement Director Harry Swayne, hired and recommends Darcy Keith to present the "Traffic Education and Decision Making" module of the NFL's Rookie Success Program for all other NFL franchises if they want their rookies engaged in making better and wiser decisions.

At the Brain Injury Association of Missouri annual conference, Dr. Thomas Martin shares how Darcy's presentations of "5 Tips for Creating a Better Future" to professionals and survivors of brain injury were powerful and well-received.

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