Darcy's Keynote and Virtual Programs

Darcy tailors her keynote and breakout programs to your audience, whether it's in-person or virtually from her state-of-the-art home studio.  

"Survive and Thrive: How to Overcome Adversity and Live Your Best Life"

Most Requested Program

    There are many challenges in life that are unknown or unexpected.  Case in point is the COVID pandemic. Uncertainty of the future, quarantined from others for months with limited living space, job loss/no income despite bills, struggling to survive, scared, robbed of high school or college experiences, no closure, anxiety, many unknowns...does this sound familiar?  It's how we cope with these challenges that helps determine the outcome and our attitude.
     In this presentation, Darcy teaches the audience steps of how to survive and thrive successfully though any challenge. They will leave equipped to handle any adversity and live their best life.

"Me and My Big Feet: How to Take A Stand and Be a Leader In Your Organization"

    What does it take to be a great leader?  What separates the leader from the follower?  In this presentation, Darcy explores the characteristics that it takes to stand up and tap into your leadership abilities.   Your leadership is not defined by your position in an organization, but by your character, choices, and commitment to making a difference and how you deal with common challenges.  The audience will learn what is takes to have your customers and co-workers enjoy the “ride” with you as everyone works for a common goal.

"Move It: How Leaders Deal with Change"

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   When change happens, how do leaders deal with it? In this presentation, Darcy shares her survival story of the biggest life change while serving as a leader at Ball State University.  Not only did she survive this life-altering change, she learned the secret to thrive through it, and became a successful career woman, professional speaker, author, and leader once again.

      The following key points will be discussed on how deal with changes both personally and professionally:
• Why are people resistant to change? 
• The audience will learn the secret to surviving and thriving through change how to maximize change transitions for success and happiness.
• What are the two things a person can control when change happens?
• Learn how to maximize change transitions for success and happiness

"5 Tips for Creating a Better Future"

     Ideal for groups who are survivors, caregivers, providers, advocates or other concerned persons affected by brain injury, this presentation is ideal in providing tips for creating a better future for not only your personal life in addressing brain injury, but also tips which you can use in your professional life.

"The Miracle Child: How to Set Higher Goals and Achieve the Unimaginable in Life"

   Through Darcy’s humorous experiences, she takes the audience to the depths of what it is like to start over as a small child…mentally, physically, and emotionally. By sharing her signature story, the audience is inspired to overcome the odds, learns how to persevere through tough times and is challenged to make and strive for higher goals in order to reach the unimaginable in life.

"From Your House to the Statehouse: How to Provide Effective Testimony When You Have a Brain Injury"

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     From 2004 through the 2008 Indiana legislative sessions, Darcy was repeatedly called upon to testify before committee hearings for two new laws, which the first one would make seatbelts mandatory for all seating positions of any vehicle a primary law and the second was to establish a spinal cord and brain injury research fund. In this presentation, Darcy shares the inside tips she learned to effectively communicate her injury testimony and persuade lawmakers to adopt her point of view.  This presentation is ideal for any disability organization on effective communication in legislative hearings.

"Just Buckle It: How to Make Good Decisions Behind the Wheel and in Life"

       This presentation is designed for teens and college students.   In this presentation, Darcy shares with the audience how to look past the current moment and realize the the decisions made while not only behind the wheel, but also in life, can be the difference a life and death situation.